Havas Group delivers the first fully transparent client facing programmatic solution

Die jüngsten Schlagzeilen über die Bedeutung von Vertrauen und Transparenz im digitalen Medienraum wurden weit über die Marketing- und Digitalpresse hinaus geteilt. Die Förderung neuer Wege, um transparenter zu werden, steht seit langem im Fokus.

Wir freuen uns sehr, heute unser neues und einzigartiges Programmatisches Angebot vorstellen zu können: die Havas Group Client Trading Solutions (CTS).

Dank unserer exzellenten programmatischen Teams und den preisgekrönten MFG Labs können wir die erste programmatische Lösung anbieten, die Kunden komplette Einsicht und Transparenz verleiht.

CTS ist unsere volltransparente Kontrolllösung für Kunden. Hier werden alle programmatischen Aktivitäten abgebildet, was es Marken erlaubt, alle programmatisch getätigten Einkäufe an einem Ort zu tracken, einzusehen und zu überwachen.

Werbetreibende können die CTS neben anderen Daten-Tools nutzen, um die Qualität ihrer Kampagnen über ihre Ziele wie Sichtbarkeit, Fraud- Kontrolle, Marken-Sicherheit, Trading-Praktiken, Kosten, Ausgaben, Produkte, Formate, Kanäle, Länder zu gewährleisten.

Diese Innovation ist das Ergebnis mehrmonatiger Entwicklungsarbeit und ist ein großartiges Zeugnis unserer Bestrebungen, mit Innovationen voran zu gehen, um bessere Lösungen zu finden, die Werbetreibenden helfen, mit dem Tempo der Veränderung in der digitalen Werbewelt Schritt zu halten.

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Havas Group announces the launch of a game-changing programmatic solution that gives clients complete visibility and control over their campaigns: Client Trading Solution (CTS). CTS is a client facing, fully transparent control tower displaying all programmatic trading, allowing clients to track and monitor their programmatic buying in one place.

Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director, Havas Group states:

“When you consider that 75% of Marketers say that they are concerned by the level of transparency in programmatic*, Client Trading Solution is a significant breakthrough. For the first time, we have an offer that gives clients full visibility and control. This innovative, platform gives brands full visibility on costs, investments, outcomes and ROI, across trading desks, DSPs, inventory, providers, marketplaces.  Any advertiser using it can see exactly what’s behind all programmatic solutions, with complete transparency allowing us to work hand-in-hand with our clients to build the best strategies for their business.”

CTS acts as a control tower, offering clients complete visibility across trading desks, DSPs and providers. Clients can ensure the quality of their campaigns across their own objectives (visibility, fraud control, brand safety, trading practices, costs, spending, products, formats, channels, countries, etc). The platform delivers exceptional visibility of digital workflow at every stage of the campaign – programmatic media planning, partner negotiation, adserving, campaign setup, monitoring, optimisation and reporting – within a fully independent, technology agnostic ecosystem that is open to all partners. The innovative product was developed by award winning data scientists, MFG labs.

Raphael Mirat, Product Manager, MFG Labs explains:

CTS complements Havas Group’s programmatic offer.  It really shines when clients want both power and control, as it gives them unprecedented flexibility to allocate budget across DSPs and trading desks, without sacrificing anything on supervision and reporting. For the first time, clients have all their trading operations and related data in a single platform, secure and efficient, built on a dedicated infrastructure.”

Havas Group is a pioneer of meta programmatic solutions. Together with MFG Labs, Havas Group launched the industry’s very first Meta-DSP in 2014 and the Media Quality Barometer in 2015. CTS is the most advanced solution on the market allowing full programmatic transparency for clients.  The platform has already been used successfully by Telefonica and has received endorsements from both Telefonica, tech partners and leading industry bodies.

*(Report) The Transparency Opportunity:

Client Trading Solution was developed by Havas Group’s leading tech and math entity MFG Labs.  CTS is already being used by traders to manage campaigns for clients via one central, shared platform. Its rich product ecosystem already includes optional features such as Campaign Parameter Optimizers (powered by MFG Labs), DMP Capabilities and Inventory Quality Assessment (powered by Artemis Alliance, Havas Group’s data capacity) and Smart First-party Segments (powered by Constellation).


“CTS provides us the control and transparency that we need in the programmatic environment. It is very useful having the visibility in real-time on the strategies and the optimisation process implemented in each campaign.” Cesar Alonso, Head of Digital, Telefonica Spain

“As an industry we are redoubling our efforts to deliver a quality advertising environment, meet advertiser demands and create value for users.  Transparency is a core requirement and we welcome this initiative from Havas Group which will help to increase advertiser confidence and investment and drive best practice across the market.” Townsend Feehan, Chief Executive Officer, IAB Europe (International Advertising Bureau)

„The complexity of the digital ecosystem continues to drive a range of challenges and opportunities for advertisers and their agencies. Identifying new ways to improve media efficiency and effectiveness remains crucial, but increasingly market transparency is equally key. We believe innovative technical solutions like Havas Group’s CTS programmatic platform are essential to keep moving the industry in the right direction.“ Jon Chase, Chairman, Media Agencies Council, The EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies)

“MediaMath applauds Havas’ continued commitment to programmatic innovation — CTS is an important and differentiated achievement that will deliver increased transparency, control and ROI to digital marketers.” Erich Wasserman, Co-Founder & Head of Key Accounts, MediaMath

“Google is proud to be part of this initiative. With the integration of DBM into Havas’ Client Trading Solution, it is now much easier for us to collaborate together with both agencies and clients. This innovative solution delivers a more efficient and transparent way for the industry to focus on results.” James van Thiel Director, Strategic Partnerships EMEA, Doubleclick by Google

About Havas Group

Havas is one of the world’s largest global communications groups. Founded in 1835 in Paris, the Group employs 20,000 people in over 100 countries. Havas Group is committed to being the world’s best company at creating meaningful connections between people and brands through creativity, media and innovation. Based on a client-centric model across media and creative, the Havas Group is the most integrated company in its sector. We operate with three business units (creative, media and healthcare & wellness) within our Havas Villages all over the world where teams share the same premises ensuring agility and a seamless experience for clients.

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About MFG Labs

Founded by mathematicians, including 1994 Fields Medal holder Pierre-Louis Lions, MFG Labs helps brands and organisations leverage Artificial Intelligence to reinvent their business.

It is a one-stop-shop encompassing all key talents to think, build and run AI-powered solutions that deliver sustainable competitive advantages in the new data-driven economy. MFG Labs‘ team of 50 top talents ranges from mathematicians to data scientists to system engineers to UX designers, working hand-in-hand to tackle complexity across all industries, such as retail, logistics, media, entertainment or telco.

Acquired by Havas Group in 2013 to amplify programmatic media capabilities, MFG Labs has developed a unique transversal expertise in AdTech and MarTech, developing tools such as CTS or Dynauction to build more efficient marketing and media ecosystems for brands from all sectors.

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