Havas Media Group gewinnt den Europäischen Media-Etat von Ubisoft

Der Spielehersteller Ubisoft (Assassins’s Creed, Far Cry etc.) hat sich nach einem Pitch für Havas Media als Partner für Mediaplanung- und –einkauf entschieden. Der Vertrag umfasst 17 Märkte in Europa und Australien und erstreckt sich über alle Services der Havas Media Group in den Bereichen Media, Digital, Media-Koordination und Specialist Services.

In Deutschland wird der Etat von arena betreut, der Schwesteragentur der Havas Media. Die Zusammenarbeit läuft bereits seit dem 1. April 2015.

Geoffroy Sardin, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing bei Ubisoft äussert sich positiv: “We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Havas Media. During the competitive pitch process the team was able to clearly demonstrate their vision that will provide answers to today’s challenges in the media landscape as well as supply us with insightful consumer understanding and meaningful connections through their approach to data driven content. We believe that Havas Media is the right partner for us to ensure our communications have the greatest possible impact.“

Auch Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director Havas Media Group freut sich:

„In our more organic media landscape, the opportunities for forward thinking brands such as Ubisoft are unlimited. They create valuable and shareable content to a digitally active audience and operate in a perpetually evolving entertainment industry. Having another trusted partner join Havas Media’s network is also testament to the success of our integrated approach that places content and data at the core of our structure and philosophy“.